For Educators

This is an opportunity for educators to download free resources to bring blood donation into the classroom.

Download our Vein to Vein high school biology education program to help students develop leadership skills and a growing interest in supporting our nation's blood supply.

In addition, help students learn about the importance of becoming lifelong blood donors and what to expect when donating for the very first time through our web video.

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Vein to Vein: The Science of Blood Donation

This free, groundbreaking high school education program is a turn-key resource that educators can implement immediately. It includes references to the Next Generation Science Standards - the latest in the field - making it easier to fulfill requirements and build lesson plans. Through this program, students will develop leadership skills and a growing interest to support our nation’s blood supply.

Learn more about Vein to Vein and Next Generation Science Standards

Hear from an educator about this groundbreaking education program and learn more about the Next Generation Science Standards. Implementation goes beyond the field of science to also offer opportunities to integrate English Language Arts and Mathematics.

Show students the importance of a strong blood supply and what to expect when donating for the first time.

Designed to accompany the Vein to Vein program, “The Future Needs Your Help” video can be used in the classroom, school assemblies, and other events to communicate the urgent need for a strong blood supply and encourage young people to become part of the next generation of lifelong blood donors.